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Sustainable battery storage to decarbonize your company

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Our Impact Report 2023

On the way to the energy transition: Our Impact Report shows how we are already setting standards and acting as a pioneer in 2023. Be part of our mission – get the report!

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We secure your energy supply today and tomorrow. With powerful and green battery storage systems, you can access the energy you need anytime.

Durch innovatives Energiemanagementsystem
langlebiger Double-Pack-Ansatz: 10 Jahre Garantie
Präventives Testing & aktives Monitoring auf Zellebene
CO2 Reduktion
Durch nachhaltigen Batteriespeicher – made in Germany

Our new energy management web app Enma

Individually tailored to your company

Renewable energies are not only a commitment to sustainability,but also a smart financial decision when combined with energy storage. Explore our case studies to see how businesses are using battery storage to save costs, energy, and emissions.

The right solution for every need

Secure energy systems based on renewables are the key to successfully decarbonizing commerce and industry. Industrial battery storage systems make it possible to integrate and secure renewable energy into your company’s complex power supply process. Tailored to business needs, commercial storage systems can be used to optimize energy consumption, cap peak loads and relieve the load on the grid during atypical usage.

Unabhängig und nachhaltig
Vermeidbare Kosten sparen
In der Vielfalt liegt die Power
Time of Use
Jederzeit das Maximum rausholen
Intraday Trading
Jede Stunde zählt
Stromausfälle problemlos überbrücken

Reliable & secure

Our high quality standards guarantee a long-term, crisis-proof energy supply for companies. We offer you comprehensive advice and individual storage projects, an innovative energy management system, and full-service packages depending on your needs.


Der modular erweiterbare Voltfang Industrial und Industrial Outdoor ist mit 58 kWh bis 1,74 MWh das Arbeitstier unter den grünen Batteriespeichern. Erhöhen Sie den Eigenverbrauch, verstärken Sie Ihre Ladeinfrastruktur oder reduzieren Sie teure Lastspitzen.
Kapazität bis zu 1,74 MWh
Leistung bis zu 920 kW
Zum Gewerbespeicher


Unser Battery Block bietet ab 1,288 MWh ein nahezu unbegrenztes Spektrum an Speicherleistungen. Dies ermöglicht zuverlässige Quartierspeicher, nachhaltige Versorgungsalternativen für Ihr Unternehmen oder einem eigenen Ladepark für Ihr E-Fahrzeug.
Kapazität bis zu 25,75 MWh
Leistung bis zu 14,7 MW
Zum Batteriegroßspeicher

Hardware & software in a single device

Our green commercial storage is equipped with an innovative energy management system that can record, control and monitor all energy flows.

The appropriate inverter is included; our local electricians will take care of the installation on site.

We monitor and maintain the system around the clock.

Our battery storage can be scaled up to 1.74 MWh with the right inverter and adapted to your needs.

With our 10-year guarantee, we ensure that the storage capacity of your system is maintained and replace battery modules if necessary.

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Super Power from the battery hotspot Aachen, Germany

We stand for the development of a European value chain and sustainable economic growth, because an effective circular economy is crucially important. At Voltfang, we help reduce the import of rare and critical raw materials by using reconditioned and new batteries, for example from overproduction in the automotive industry, rather than new materials.