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Use cases

From small businesses to industrial plants

What has long been effective on a small scale for households with solar systems and on a large scale as power plants and contributions to grid stability is now increasingly being applied in commercial and industrial sectors. We support every individual application to ensure the optimal use of our high-performance battery storage systems for your operational energy supply.

Intraday Trading
Every hour counts
In diversity lies strength
Time of Use
Get the most out of it at all times
Emergency power operation
Bridging power outages without problems
Self-consumption optimization
Independent and sustainable
Peak shaving
Save avoidable costs

The Advantages of Battery Storage Systems

A reliable power supply is essential in today’s world. Battery storage systems are more than just emergency power generators. They have a variety of applications that go beyond simply securing the power supply. From supporting renewable energy sources to improving grid stability, battery storage systems have become an integral part of our energy system.

Battery storage systems can store excess energy from renewable sources and use it at a later time. This enables better integration of wind and solar energy into the electricity grid. In addition, battery storage systems can help to regulate the grid load and thus improve the stability of the electricity grid.

But battery storage systems are not only used in the energy supply sector. They can also be used in areas such as electromobility, telecommunications and industry. The wide range of possible applications makes them an essential element for a sustainable and reliable energy supply.

Learn more about the various applications of battery storage systems and how they can transform our energy infrastructure in a conversation with our experts.