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Independent and sustainable


Optimizing self-consumption with a powerful battery storage system is a real miracle solution for companies! Finally, you can use your self-produced solar power directly on site and thus become less dependent on expensive grid electricity.

How does self-consumption optimization work?

How does self-consumption optimization work? During the day, the photovoltaic system generates a lot of electricity. In the mornings and evenings, however, little or no solar power is generated. For companies with high electricity consumption in the morning and evening hours, this can lead to high costs for electricity drawn from the grid. At the same time, surplus cheap PV electricity produced during the day is fed into the grid. This prevents utilizing the full savings potential of the PV system. Thanks to the latest advanced technologies, such as the Voltfang New Life battery storage system, companies can counteract this loss The overproduced green electricity can be safely stored, ensuring that the company can continue to operate reliably even with renewable energies.

Advantages of self-consumption optimization

Reduction of operating costs
Independence from the power grid
Improved energy efficiency
CO2 reduction

For which companies is self-consumption optimization useful?

Optimizing self-consumption with a battery storage system can be meaningful for companies with a high energy requirement and a high proportion of self-generated solar power. In particular, companies that consume a lot of energy during daylight hours and generate solar power at the same time can reduce their electricity costs and increase their energy efficiency by optimizing their own consumption. Examples include the manufacturing industry, supermarkets, hotels and other commercial enterprises.

Reference projects with self-consumption optimization

We have already realized a number of successful projects in which self-consumption optimization has been implemented. Our reference projects include a variety of applications in different industries, including hospitality, agriculture, bakeries and supermarkets.

Further use cases for increasing energy efficiency

Every company has individual power supply requirements. Depending on the circumstances, one or more use cases may apply to the use of commercial storage systems. Our team of experts can help you identify the right use cases and tailor them to your data to ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Peak shaving
Save avoidable costs
In diversity lies strength
Intraday Trading
Every hour counts
Time of Use
Get the most out of it at all times

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