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Apartment building

Reference project Apartment-building An apartment building from the 1960s becomes a showcase example of sustainable living. With a 21.5 kWp PV system and a Voltfang battery storage system, it demonstrates how contemporary, self-sufficient and energy-efficient living can be designed. https://youtu.be/GuMIKPsV7SI Profile Apartment building Civil engineer at Viessmann: Jan Wollesen Real estate/residential construction with KfW 40 […]

Bosselbacher Hof

Reference project Bosselbacher Hof The Bosselbacher Hof in the middle of the Eifel is an outstanding example of a farm vacation close to nature, where you can experience country life at its best. Thanks to the Voltfang Industrial, we achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency in optimal conditions, making this experience even more sustainable and unforgettable. https://youtu.be/aWdqPQrgGHQ […]


Reference project Sustainable energy for McDonald’s The McDonald’s location in Pombal, Portugal, is now using green energy. The targeted peak shaving ensures optimum electricity utilization. In just four months, over 70,000 kWh of renewable energy was produced – enough to cover 60% of the store’s energy requirements. This project demonstrates how large companies such as […]

Grunwald Farm

Reference project The Grunwald farm The Grunwald farm is located in the Hürtgenwald/Raffelsbrand region and experiences a high energy demand in the early morning hours. To cut costs and ensure efficient energy supply, Grunwald has opted for a Voltfang battery storage solution. Profile of Grunwald Farm Operator: Michael Grunwald Agriculture/dairy farm Voltfang Industrial Advantages for […]

Hotel zur Post

Reference project The ‘Hotel zur Post’ in Steimbke The ‘Hotel zur Post’ in Steimbke is a small, cozy private hotel with a total of 14 rooms. Since June 2014, Sven Meier has been running it in a family atmosphere and with great attention to detail. Profile of the ‘Hotel zur Post’ Operator Sven Meier SMEs, […]


Reference project ALDI Nord store Gütersloh With over 2,200 stores and 38,000 employees, ALDI North is one of the largest retail chains in the world. In its model store in Gütersloh, ALDI is committed to a comprehensive and sustainable concept. Profile ALDI Nord Project manager: Norman Bell SMEs, food trade Voltfang Industrial “We were immediately […]