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10-year guarantee

Battery Block

Our large-scale battery storage for companies

Capacity up to

25,75 MWh

Output up to

14,7 MW

Your energy,
our solution

Flexibility, modularity and performance are decisive factors when it comes to choosing the right large-scale battery storage system for companies. Our large battery storage system offers you maximum flexibility to adapt the storage system perfectly to your individual needs. With the reliable and long-term performance of our large storage tanks, you can be sure that you will always have a secure and efficient energy supply for your company.

More energy, more flexibility, more independence

Efficient use with our large battery storage system

Thanks to the modular design of our large-scale battery storage systems, we can cover a wide range of applications. Peak load shaving, self-consumption optimization, multi-use functions, acyclical grid usage and virtual power plants are just some of the possibilities. We work closely with you to find the perfect solution for your individual requirements and offer you a cost-efficient and sustainable energy supply with our large-scale battery storage system.

Intraday Trading
Every hour counts
In diversity lies strength
Time of Use
Get the most out of it at all times
Emergency power operation
Bridging power outages without problems
Self-consumption optimization
Independent and sustainable
Peak shaving
Save avoidable costs

more performance
for your money

Our green battery storage systems offer you unique advantages in terms of cost efficiency and longevity. In contrast to conventional storage systems, we guarantee 5,000 charging cycles. Thanks to our innovative double-pack approach, the service life is extended to 15-20 years – for long-lasting and sustainable energy efficiency.

All important data
at a single glance

Our technical data sheet contains detailed information on our large battery storage system to help you make your decision. However, if you have any specific questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical data
The Battery Block is an extension of the Voltfang Industrial and offers a further increase in performance data.
Power: 736 kW - 14.7 MW
1,288 MWh - 25,75 MWh
Energy supply
AC coupled
Casing dimensions (HxWxD)
4600 x 1700 x 2966 mm (W x H x D)
Protection classification
IP 56
Ambient temperature
-20 ~ 45°C
Capacity: 10 years, system: 5 years
Guidelines & Certificates
CE, VDE AR N 4105/4110/4120 | UN38
Recycling/reuse is accepted free of charge

If you need less capacity


Commercial storage

The modularly expandable Voltfang Industrial and Industrial Outdoor, ranging from 58 kWh to 1.74 MWh, is the stalwart among green battery storage solutions. Boost self-consumption, reinforce your charging infrastructure, or alleviate costly peak loads. Increase your own consumption, strengthen your charging infrastructure or reduce expensive peak loads.

Capacity up to

1,74 MWh

Output up to

920 kW

10 Years

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