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Reduce avoidable costs

Peak shaving

To reduce costs, companies should avoid more expensive tariffs and efficiently cap peak loads via RLM in order to optimize storage utilization. This allows investments to be amortized more quickly and operating costs to be reduced.

What is peak shaving?

If a company consumes a large amount of electricity at certain peak times, for example by starting up several machines, there is an increased load on the electricity grid. This maximum load is referred to as the “peak load” or “peak”.
The problem is that every peak load has an expensive impact on the electricity bill. This is because, in addition to the general energy price, electricity suppliers calculate a demand price that includes the peaks – even if the power is only used for a short time. This means that a single day of increased energy consumption can drive up the costs for the entire billing period.

Why is this important?

For annual consumption of over 100,000 kWh, the energy supplier charges a working price and a performance price. The power price is based on the highest amount of electricity required within 15-minute intervals. If you exceed this limit just once, the price will be increased for the whole year.

Advantages of peak shaving

Reduction of operating costs
Better control over energy costs
No more expensive tariffs
CO2 reduction

For which companies is peak shaving useful?

Companies with high energy requirements that experience peak loads in electricity consumption have been proven to benefit from the use of long-life commercial storage systems. In particular, companies that carry out energy-intensive processes such as welding, cooling or are active in the manufacturing industry can benefit considerably from peak load capping with a battery storage system. Peak load capping also makes sense in agriculture, data centers and supermarkets.

Voltfang battery storage systems are specially developed and optimized to prevent high costs. The innovative control technology of the Voltfang commercial battery makes it possible to draw electricity directly from the storage system during peak loads, so that electricity consumption from the grid is avoided at certain times. This prevents more expensive tariff classifications and reduces operating costs in the long term and in a predictable manner.

Reference projects with peak load shaving

Voltfang battery storage systems guarantee to avoid high costs due to, peak loads thanks to innovative control technologies. A large numberof ourr enowned customers throughout Germany are already benefiting from the advantages of peak load shaving with Voltfang battery storage systems.. Get an impression of the possibilities of peak shaving from our reference projects.

Further use cases for increasing energy efficiency

Every company has individual power supply needs. Depending on the circumstances, one or more use cases may apply to the use of commercial storage systems. Our team of experts can help you identify the right use cases and match them to your data to ensure your energy efficiency is optimized.

Self-consumption optimization
Independent and sustainable
In diversity lies strength
Time of Use
Get the most out of it at all times
Intraday Trading
Every hour counts

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