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In diversity lies strength


A multi-use system offers companies a promising solution: energy can be used more efficiently, costs are reduced and security of supply is guaranteed in the long term and independently by buffering surplus electricity from renewable energies.

In addition, the switch to renewable energies and the use of storage facilities helps to protect the environment and achieve the company’s own climate targets.

What is an
Multi-Use application?

The multi-use system for energy storage enables the simultaneous use of storage systems for different applications. This means that a battery storage system can be used for emergency power supply, off-grid power supply or as a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, for example. A multi-use system therefore offers more flexibility and value for the user.

Thanks to the innovative energy management system of the Voltfang battery storage system, all energy flows can be transparently recorded, controlled and monitored and optimally utilized for multi-use applications.

Advantages of multi-use

Maximum savings on electricity costs
Independence from the power grid
Faster amortization of the investment
Reduction of CO2 emissions

For which companies is a multi-use is useful

The Multi-Use-system for battery storage offers a wide range of options for using the stored energy. Companies can use the battery storage system not only to optimize their own consumption, but also for peak load management, grid services or as an emergency power supply. The flexibility of the multi-use approach allows companies to maximize the benefits of battery storage and improve their energy efficiency by using the stored energy for different purposes. This enables optimized use of energy and contributes to cost savings and stabilization of the power grid.

Reference projects
with multi-use

We have already realized a number of realized a number of successful projects inwhich for Voltfang multi-use system has been implemented. Our referenceprojects feature a variety of applications in different industries, including hospitality, agriculture, bakeries and supermarkets, .

Further use cases for increasing energy efficiency

Every company has individual power supply requirements. Depending on the circumstances, one or more use cases may apply to the use of commercial storage systems. Our team of experts can help you identify the right use cases and match them to your data to ensure your energy efficiency is optimized.

Peak shaving
Save avoidable costs
Intraday Trading
Every hour counts
Time of Use
Get the most out of it at all times

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