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The alarming status quo: Nearly half of the carbon emitted from the burning of fossil fuels has been released in the last three decades. This contributes massively to climate change and makes global warming increasingly difficult to stop. The energy and mobility sector causes some of the greatest environmental damage.

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The circular economy as a way out

The energy transition, which is driving forward the expansion of renewable energies and energy storage solutions has been adopted in Germany with targets for 2030 and 2045. However,they are also rapidly increasing the demand for the finite raw materials required for battery production. Lithium as a raw material is not only harmful to the environment, but also extremely problematic from a social point of view. Lithium is often mined under very poor working conditions in developing countries, further contaminating local groundwater and destroying, among other things, the livelihoods of indigenous populations in South America. To reduce the extraction of raw materials, we must reuse existing materials and extend their lifespan as much as possible.

Our solution

Save, use up, and then recycle

To shape a greener future for our and future generations, we are committed to a functioning circular economy. By reusing batteries, we avoid depleting finite resources.

Until now, there has been a lack of comprehensive and efficient methods for recycling electric vehicle batteries. Voltfang has made this challenge its mission.

With our innovative Voltfang battery storage systems, we present a green and economically attractive solution: Our 2nd Life and New Life batteries enable companies to achieve autonomy in power supply while simultaneously reducing their ecological footprint. These discarded or overproduced batteries usually have a residual capacity of at least 80% and are ideal for use in stationary storage systems, which make a key contribution to the sustainable energy transition. Through our innovative technology, we guarantee 100% green impact, proven by the durability of our storage solutions at full capacity.

Second Life and
New Life batteries

Second Life batteries come from refurbished battery modules from well-known German OEMs that were previously used in electric vehicles. These batteries get a second chance with our battery storage system.

New Life batteries are completely new and have never been used in vehicles before. They originate, for example, from overproduction or due to manufacturer logistics. Both models are more sustainable than conventional battery storage systems, as no new resources are used.

The perfect match:

Renewable energies and the Voltfang battery storage system

To tackle climate change, renewable energies are indispensable and will dominate the energy market in Germany in the coming years. Despite their enormous potential, renewables pose challengesfor consumers due to their fluctuating and unpredictable nature. Therefore, securing effective storage solutions is crucial for the power supply, allowing us to store excess energy and use it when needed. Only through the combination of renewable energies and innovative storage technologies can we achieve a low-carbon future,build a sustainable economy, and preserve our planet for future generations.

The benefits

Commitment to innovation
Innovations for a sustainable future
Enable a circular economy
Awareness & commitment to sustainable action
Energy used efficiently
Optimal energy use through storage
Sustainable battery storage
No additional resources

Our sustainable battery storage systems for industry

We offer you comprehensive advice and individual storage projects as well as full-service packages.

Commercial storage

The modularly expandable Voltfang Industrial and Industrial Outdoor, ranging from 58 kWh to 1.74 MWh, is the stalwart among green battery storage solutions. Boost self-consumption, reinforce your charging infrastructure, or alleviate costly peak loads. Increase your own consumption, strengthen your charging infrastructure or reduce expensive peak loads.
Capacity up to 1.74 MWh
Power up to 920 kW
To commercial storage

Large-scale battery storage

Our Battery Block offers an almost unlimited range of storage capacities from 1.288 MWh. This allows for reliable district storage, sustainable supply options for your company, or even your own charging station for electric vehicles.
Capacity up to 25.75 MWh
Power up to 14.7 MW
To large-scale battery storage

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