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Manage the energy of tomorrow

The energy management web-app Enma from Voltfang

Advantages that you enjoy with the energy management web
app enma from voltfang

Visualization of CO2 savings
Understand the system
Improved system understanding through targeted visualization
Holistic energy management
Comprehensive energy management integration
We monitor and maintain the system around the clock


Here you can view the most important data from your energy management system in real time. Discover at a glance the energy consumption, energy generation, your connection to the power grid and the dynamic charging and discharging processes of your Voltfang battery storage system. Special attention is paid to the CO2 savings that are realized through the use of your Voltfang storage system.

Energy flow

See exactly how energy flows through your system - from generation and storage to consumption and interaction with the power grid. This intuitive display enables you to understand the operating status of your system.


The history page offers you a detailed perspective on your energy use and generation over time. By analyzing data on production, consumption, Voltfang storage usage and grid interaction, you gain valuable insights into your energy habits.

Battery storage systems

The Voltfang battery storage page allows users to precisely monitor the current status and performance of their Voltfang storage system. Detailed information such as the charging capacity, the state of charge and specific details about the battery storage system are displayed here.

Test Enma free of charge
the Voltfang web app

After you have sent the request, you will receive a link to our demo version within a few minutes. If you have any further questions about our app, please feel free to contact us.

Insights into the Enma app

Reliable energy security
for industry

Our high quality standards guarantee a long-term, crisis-proof energy supply for companies. We offer you comprehensive advice and individual storage projects, an innovative energy management system, and full-service packages depending on your needs.

Commercial storage

The modularly expandable Voltfang Industrial and Industrial Outdoor, ranging from 58 kWh to 1.74 MWh, is the stalwart among green battery storage solutions. Boost self-consumption, reinforce your charging infrastructure, or alleviate costly peak loads. Increase your own consumption, strengthen your charging infrastructure or reduce expensive peak loads.
Capacity up to 1,74 MWh
Output up to 920 kW
To commercial storage

Large-scale battery storage

Our battery block offers an almost unlimited range of storage capacities from 1.288 MWh. This enables reliable neighborhood storage, sustainable supply alternatives for your company or your own charging park for your electric vehicle.
Capacity up to 25,75 MWh
Output up to 14,7 MW
To the large battery storage system