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About Us

Superpower from Aachen

We stand for the development of a European value chain and economic growth that is driven forward sustainably. An effective circular economy is of crucial importance here. At Voltfang, we use reconditioned and new batteries, for example from overproduction in the automotive industry, instead of new materials in order to reduce the import of non-sustainably produced rare raw materials.

Located in Aachen
Pioneer in the circular economy of batteries
70+ employees
Continuous growth in a diverse team
200+ Partner
Comprehensive partner network
6900+ Battery Modules
Saved from a premature end

The future of battery storage

Until now, there has been a lack of comprehensive and efficient methods for recycling electric vehicle batteries. Voltfang has made this challenge its mission.

With our innovative Voltfang battery storage systems, we present a green and at the same time economically attractive solution: Our 2nd Life and New Life batteries enable companies to be self-sufficient in their power supply and at the same time reduce their ecological footprint. These discarded or overproduced batteries usually have a residual capacity of at least 80% and are ideal for use in stationary storage systems, which make a key contribution to the sustainable energy transition. Through our innovative technology, we guarantee 100% green impact, proven by the durability of our storage solutions at full capacity.

What drives us

At the moment, there is still no optimal green energy supply that is sufficient for global electricity consumption. However, we as a company can influence how we use the electricity we already produce. That is why we are developing battery storage systems from electric car batteries to store electricity that has already been produced. This enables our customers to avoid losses of surplus energy and use the available electricity effectively.

“The climate crisis is a race that we as humanity must win together. We want to raise awareness about consumer behavior in our society and offer more sustainable approaches.” – David Oudsandji

News from Voltfang

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Reliable & secure

Our high quality standards guarantee a long-term, crisis-proof energy supply for companies. We offer you comprehensive advice and individual storage projects, an innovative energy management system, and full-service packages depending on your needs.

Commercial storage

The modularly expandable Voltfang Industrial and Industrial Outdoor, ranging from 58 kWh to 1.74 MWh, is the stalwart among green battery storage solutions. Boost self-consumption, reinforce your charging infrastructure, or alleviate costly peak loads. Increase your own consumption, strengthen your charging infrastructure or reduce expensive peak loads.
Capacity up to 1.74 MWh
Power up to 920 kW
To commercial storage

Large-scale battery storage

Our Battery Block offers an almost unlimited range of storage capacities from 1.288 MWh. This allows for reliable district storage, sustainable supply options for your company, or even your own charging station for electric vehicles.
Capacity up to 25.75 MWh
Power up to 14.7 MW
To large-scale battery storage

Unsure? Talk to our experts

We offer you comprehensive advice and individual storage projects as well as full service packages with the best possible availability over the entire service life.

Become a
part of the Voltfam

At Voltfang you have the opportunity to learn new skills, work independently and on your own responsibility, communicate your thoughts openly and contribute new approaches and ideas. Why wait for politics to finally change something when you can be part of this change yourself?