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As a team, we have set ourselves the goal of using R&D to contribute to environmental protection and to the energy transformation. We offer one of the first solutions for the profitable re-use of electric car batteries to reduce the resource –and energy –intensive production of new batteries.

We belong to the generation of founders who believe that economic expansion is not the only goal to achieve. Our aim is a sustainable world. We strive to achieve this goal through technological progress and sustainable profitability.

roman alberti

"Mein Ford Focus ist niemals voll, es ist nur eine Frage der Bequemlichkeit"

Afshin doostdar

"Wir möchten den sauber produzierten Strom auch grün speichern"

David Oudsandji

"Das unrealistische ist realistischer, weil es weniger Konkurrenz gibt"

  • 2019

    Preparation and development of the concept

  • April 2020

    Awarding of the NRW-State Start-up Scholarship

  • April 2020

    Founding of the Oudsandji Alberti Doostdar Gbr

  • Mai 2020

    Installation of the first prototype

  • Juni 2020

    Winner of the startklar contest in the categorie 'future & society'

  • januar 2021

    End of the testing period

  • mai 2021

    Market release and mass production